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Houseboating Lake Powell

Share: Aloha fit friends! House Boating at Lake Powell Have you ever been house boating? I have not. We decided to try it! I love taking the family on active vacations where there are new sites to see and lots of activity! Even better for me if I’m near water! After a week on the House Boat, I knew I had to share all that I learned.  The learning curve for house boating is very steep. Not an easy relaxing vaction 100% of the time that’s for sure. Exited to…

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20 Photos to Inspire You to Go HouseBoating

Share:   My first trip to Lake Powell, AZ was amazing.  I loved the wide open space, not buildings, no tech. I felt so small on this big lake. The scenery was unlike anything I’d ever seen, since I’ve grown up on the beach. No palm trees here but instead, beautiful red toned rocks that reflect the sunshine against blue skies and deep blue and turquiose water.  I loved waking up every morning to sip coffee on the patio and look at the view which was ever changing, different every…

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17 Tips Must Know Before Renting a Houseboat

Share:17 things you must know before renting a houseboat VIDEO THE INSTRUCTIONS GIVEN BY HOUSE BOAT RENTAL COMPANY – The instructions by the houseboat rental agency is very fast considering the enormous responsibility it is to operate a 75+ foot boat.  After experiencing house boating for the first time I was surprised at how many very important things we needed to know were not covered or that were skimmed over quickly, such as how & when to turn the generator on, trimming the motors, how to keep the boat steady…

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