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Crafts: Pottery DIY



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I have always had a creative side, my mother is a talented artist and is always making collages, drift wood birds, marble sculptures, taking art classes.  She has won many art shows and the funny thing is she keeps everything, “I can make something out of that!” The first time my daughters and I did the Pottery Wheel was many years ago visiting the Laguna Beach Art Sawdust Festival in Southern California. We live in both Southern California and Hawaii. It is a wonderful assortment of local art, making things, live music, all types of food.

Using the Pottery Wheel is so relaxing and creative. I highly recommend finding a local pottery wheel place by searching on Google.  After you learn to make a pot, you have it fired in the kiln and can paint it! I literally use the dishes and pots we’ve painted all of the time, more than the dishes I have bought at high end stores. They have so much more charm and character to them and also represent a memory and time with my daughters. We paint pottery several times per year and I always have my family date them 🙂 so we can remember how old they were at the time and what they were interested in at that time. Such family fun!

Kiana Tom

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